The Polish-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry supports the polish-bulgarian economic cooperation, along with representing and protecting the businesses of both Polish and Bulgarian members.

The Chamber acts in the interest of creating a good investing environment and prospects of a successful commercial exchange in both countries. The main aims of our organization are:

  • protecting and supporting its members economical business, considering the official organs of the country, the local government and any other polish and bulgarian institutions and organizations.
  • inspiring, helping, supporting and developing the economical cooperation between the transactors from both countries.
  • gathering and distributing reports about Poland's and Bulgarian's up-to-date economical status, especially information on the current state and development concerning the economical and commercial policy, by issuing circular letters, yearbooks, overviews and other publications.
  • offering services in the field of economical advice and help, especially in the creation of opinions, market analysis and reports.
  • pointing out the prospects of sales, supply and investment possibilities.
  • organizing and participating in press conferences, seminars, symposiums, conferences, panels, exhibitions and other happenings.
  • arranging, supporting and attending in vocational training and skill upgrading courses.
  • mediating in case of a conflict between parties of bilateral economical contracts, also through a mediation court.
  • issuing certificates and attestations.
  • cooperating with societies and other organizations, whose aims are similar to the Chamber's.
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